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Dog & Cat
Nail Trimming

Over 16 years experience grooming pets

Long nails on our pets can be painful for you and your pet.  Regular nail trimming help keep your pets nails more manageable and helps to avoid injury to you or your pet.

At Nose 2 Tail we offer an in home nail trimming service.  We will come to your home and trim your dog and/or cat's nails for you. 

Many animals behave better when their owners are not around.  We may request a quiet spot where we can trim your pets nails without distractions.  In some instances we may require your assistance to hold your pet while we trim their nails.

Our nail trimming prices are as follows: $25 Nail Trim only (Dog or Cat)
$15 each extra pet

Please note, we will only trim nails on well behaved, non aggressive animals.  If we attempt to trim nails and your pet shows signs of aggression or excessive stress we may be unable to trim their nails.  If this occurs a $30 service fee will still apply.

Nose 2 Tail Dog Nail Trim